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Based in Singapore, Bone Lim has been lure fishing since a very young age, targeting freshwater giants like the Giant Snakeheads, Peacock Bass, and the elusive Asian Arowana.

Frequently traveling around the world, targeting various species, Bone’s experience and techniques in fishing are indisputable, and has since established a great following, especially in the Southeast Asian region. His quarry includes all kinds of monster fish lurking in the water.

The legendary Papuan Black Bass is one of his top favorites, GT Popping, and his personal favorite in our local waters is the Asian Arowana, which is a very difficult fish to land due to its bony jaws, strong headshake, and constantly aerobatic action. Not forgetting China’s Yellowcheek Carp, and big, monster Peacock Bass!

Fishing has always been his passion and his life. In 2015, Bone started his own brand, BONE Fishing World, in which he spearheads the development of rods and lures.

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