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For Christian Drost, Fishing has always been part of his life. Ever since he was 3 years old he’s been on the water. He is the owner of and and his social media presence in fishing is all over the internet to be found.

He explains: In the early stages of my childhood I fished basically for anything that had teeth, but my love of fishing goes out to Big Pike & Zander. Being on the water is my deep passion and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Over the years I’ve targeted a wide range of different multi-species but the predators always stayed close to my heart. Besides Pike, Zander and Perch, I also fish for Asp on a regular basis. Everything predator has its time, and I chose my days wisely on the water to target the Thropy’s I’m after. At age 32 I’ve had the luck to catch some true fish of a lifetime, and have had many of my dreams come true.

These days I’m a specimen hunter and go to great lengths to catch what lies beyond. When it comes to fishing and catching Big Predators, ONLY The Best is good enough, and that’s why I fish BKK Hooks. Over the years I’ve seen a lot but never have I seen the quality of products that BKK puts out, so when they asked me to join their Pro-Team I didn’t have to think twice! I know the industry inside out when it comes to baits, tackle and gear, and BKK Hooks is the Real Deal!

”The Only way success comes before work is in a dictionary, but with BKK Hooks you can get pretty close”

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