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Scandinavian fresh and saltwater fishing, tropical big game

Erik found his passion for fishing in the early days as a young boy and has always had a dream of working with this passion, a dream that came true when he started working for Nordic Sea Angling, a Swedish travel agency with fishing camps in Norway.

He has been working there as a guide since 2012 and has spent more days on the water of North Norway, then most people have time for during a life time, in the pursuit of big cods, giant halibuts and multiple other species that most people just dream about.

A few years ago, he also found out the excitement in tropical saltwater fishing, especially topwater and jigging for GT and tunas of different kinds.

He has now moved on, from just being a guide in Norway to stretch his paths and is now also working as a tour leader for Tropical Sea Angling, who arrange salt water trips to multiple destinations all over the world, such as Madagaskar, Rodrigues Island, Andaman Island and much more.

Erik is personally always targeting the biggest fish that he can find in the area and is really keen to details in order to succeed. He always makes sure that he and his clients tackle is on top and believes that high quality products are a very important aspect whether you catch that dream fish or not and is therefore proud of being a part of the BKK team

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