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Jacopo Gallelli is the first European angler that made it into the Bassmaster Classic over the past fifty years.

At four years old he caught his first fish – a small sunfish – fishing with his father and told him fishing would be his life endeavor. The initial laughers soon faded as the kid couldn’t stop landing a surprising variety of different fish species with different fishing approaches.

He tried several fishing techniques even including fly fishing until the age of 14, when he dedicated himself entirely to bass fishing. After some time of honing its skills, he started competing in local contests, soon becoming one of the most well-known and promising anglers in Italy.

His rising career as a professional angler coupled with increasing collaborations with several specialized fishing retailers, fishing magazines and the popular Italian Fishing tv.

His bass fishing career had a real boost when he made it into the Italian national team competing in South Africa and represented Italy over the Bass Nation Championship in the USA. In 2018 he achieved an unprecedented result by qualifying for the world’s most prestigious fishing championship: the Bassmaster Classic.

That life-changing moment marks the real turn of his path: he moved to the USA and has been competing ever since, fishing almost every day and collaborating with some of the best brands of fishing gears.

He roams the long routes of America towing his bass boat, training and competing, living his childhood dream and challenging himself every day because he knows the best part has yet to come.

He is actively involved with BKK in the testing and development of bass fishing hooks, providing valuable insights to improve our range dedicated to bass angling.

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