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Fishing well over 250 days a year, Jakub Vagner is one of the most prominent anglers in Europe and is an extremely well-known personality in the industry, having collaborated with numerous fishing brands over the years. Former TV host for National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel, his extensive fishing experience covers many different species and techniques, having travelled to some of the world’s wildest countries and challenging waters to target many sought-after rare species like arapaima, nile perch, taimen, giant golden masheer and many others.

From lure fishing to bait and fly, Jakub is an eclectic angler that has proved over the years he is an extremely well-versed angler in different techniques and that he has a natural fishing instinct that allows him to catch prey even when fishing conditions are against him. His favourite local fish to target are perch, pike and zander, but above all he is knows for having landed with consistency huge catfish both on spinning and on bait gear. He also practices carp fishing sometimes and other FW coarse fishing techniques.

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