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Fishing Technique Bass

Luca “il Rugge” Ruggeri, even though he was born and lives in Genoa a few steps from the sea he has been a Bass Angler for over 15 years.

For sure “his” fish is the Largemouth but he is a versatile lure fisherman who chases predators in Fresh and Salt Water.

He starts fishing when was a child, thanks to his grandfather who had always practiced trout fishing and surf casting. The passion for the American skateboard’s scene allows him, almost by chance, to discover the existence of the Bass…soon becomes his most great passion.

At the age of 17 he bought his first bellyboat and after a few years his first Bassboat.

“I really like fishing in different spots and environments, only in this way i can grow in experience. I fish from the shore, from the bellyboat and from the boat according to the possibilities”

The passion grows over the years, in 2010 he begins to self build lures to satisfy some special needs found in fishing and he still continues always trying to improve his skills.

“Today i fish 90% of the time with selft made lures, Softbaits, Hardbaits, Jigs but above all Swimbaits … catching with something you have thought, developed and created is fantastic”.

His specialties are Jig fishing and Swimabits / Big baits, his fishing approach is “Big OR Nothing” setting his style on searching Big Ones.

Luca has been collaborating for several years with fishing companies, he is very active in sharing and promoting lurefishing in Italy and Europe.

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