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Mick Hassett is based in Mackay on the Queensland coast around halfway between Cairns and Brisbane. He has spent almost 30 years fishing in the area and enjoys all types of fishing. The challenge of fooling big fish to eat an artificial offering regardless of species is what keeps him coming back.

His love for fishing began at the age of 2 years old when he started fishing with his father. They spent every day exploring, fishing and staying out of the house, which is the perfect recipe for addiction. The most fascinating thing about the Mackay region is that regardless of weather conditions you can always have fishing options. Close to home there is a huge range of estuary systems with endless target species including Australia’s iconic Barramundi, and when the season is closed, three world class stocked impoundments full of trophy sized fish are just a quick drive away. As is the Pacific Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef a little further out.

His absolute favorite would have to be targeting meter plus class saltwater barramundi, he invested a lot of time into working these fish out and the challenge these fish present is absolutely rewarding. Nothing is easy: from tides, weather, moon phases and seasonal changes, these fish can leave you scratching your head even when you think you got it all right. The best part – he says – is when it all comes together and you’re connected to one of these fish; they have the ability to break 100lb leaders, destroy terminals and make a mockery of any substandard tackle – it’s always intense from that first jump until the fish is in the net!

Fishing to him is about having fun, escaping life’s challenges and switching off from the stresses of the everyday world. Put in Mick’s words: “It is my passion, my escape and my life.”

Known for: Freshwater and Saltwater Lure Fishing.

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