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Sondre’s life as an angler started when he was about 5 years old. He used to spend a lot of time with his father fishing in the woods and mountains, exploring what nature had to offer. As he grew older my passion for fishing deepened and he started spending more time learning different techniques for different species, understanding fish behaviour and biology and exploring fishing opportunities inside and outside of Norway.

His main targets are pike and perch, abundant predatory species in Southern Norway where he lives. The area is full of lakes and rivers with good opportunities of catching big pike and perch all year. “Fishing also means studying and reading about different variables that can affect the practical fishing. Fishing is much more than just catching fish. Fishing for me is understanding, learning and trying to master fishing under all thinkable conditions” he claims.

He started competing just recently, with some podium placements. He is actively involved in conservation and sustainability of the local fish population.

Known for: Freshwater fishing for pike, perch and trout.

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