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Freshwater lure and bait fishing

Urpoerämies Productions is a fishing group from Southern Finland counting five members: Teo, Jani, Niko, Pauli and Olavi. Most of them have grown up together and have been fishing together all along.

They are all well-versed in many types of fishing you can find in Scandinavia, pike fishing above all. They also do pole fishing for big roach and related species, jigging for zander and perch, and when the first warm summer days come, they start going after carp. Summer calls for Lapland expeditions as well, where they target mainly grayling and trout.

They film and produce fishing videos where they portray their own perspective on fishing, from the bitterness of failure to the sheer joy of a big catch. They just keep it real. Their content includes some valuable tips and tricks in terms of fishing techniques, stressing also the importance of sustainable fishing and environmental concern. If you want to get a real gist of what fishing in the North means, follow these guys as they embark on few days out in the wilderness of Lapland.

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