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Fishing Technique Sturgeon

Yves has spent the past 18 years as a professional fishing guide on both the Fraser and Harrison Rivers in BC, Canada. Growing up in Alberta as a kid he fished mainly for Pike, Walleye, and Perch on the many lakes and rivers around him.

After moving to BC 26 years ago his fishing options were unlimited including fishing the ocean for salmon, still water lakes for trout, and of course all the local rivers for sturgeon, salmon, and steelhead. Fishing for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, and Sturgeon for most of his guiding years in BC has made Yves into one of the most versatile guides in the industry. The past few years Yves has focused his guiding to Sturgeon fishing only as his passion for the catch and release fishery is where he wants to be for the remainder of his guiding days.

Being involved in one of the worlds most successful tagging programs is something he is very passionate about and has been part of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society since 2004. Yves has a deep passion for conservation and works hard each day to make sure these fish are taken care of, in fact, in 2016 Yves received the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society’s Volunteer of the year award. Yves has landed just over 19,000 Sturgeon to date and counting! His personal best sturgeon is 344cm “fork length” and estimated to be around 750-800 lbs. To this day he continues to work tirelessly to collect data to help with conservation efforts for these amazing fish while at the same time providing his clients with memories to last a lifetime.

Known for: Freshwater Sturgeon Guide

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