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Since 1957, the Japanese “Good Design Award” has been bestowed to some of the most innovative industrial designs from a wide array of different industries. We are the first fishing hook brand ever to receive such award.


Awarded Products

Technical Design Details

Raptor X

The BKK RAPTOR-X is a 3X-wire treble hook, design is inspired by one of the best treble hooks BKK ever launched: The RAPTOR-Z.

Featuring a lighter wire, available in very small size, the BKK RAPTOR-X is suitable to arm smaller lures without affecting their swimming action.

The Bright-Tin coating of the RAPTOR-X aims at maximizing its performance for saltwater corrosion resistance, even for harsh saltwater environments.

Bestowed the Good Design Award 2022.


Our 2020 awarded BKK Titan is designed for weedless-style rigging of large soft plastic baits such as big swimbaits and tubes. More than one year of field tests with different species underlie the construction quality and the versatility of the hook.

The hook is equipped with a locking spring that securely holds baits in place and allows anglers to easily add or remove soft baits. An adjustable silicon stopper keeps soft plastics in position during casting whilst allowing for sliding down the hook when fish strike. Furthermore, a deep throat features a much longer hook point section that penetrates farther into the fish’s mouth for a more secure hookset. BKK’s unique Super Slide coating of the hook enhances penetration capability and reduces friction to the minimum level.

Technical drawing of Titan


The Raptor-Z incorporates BKK’s latest manufacturing technologies, being engineered to hook strong and aggressive “monster” fish and stay hooked to the very end.

Thanks to BKK’s Hand ground technology and Ultra-Antirust coating, it is equipped with ultimate impaling power, being able to penetrate even the hardest bony jaws and superior corrosion resistance.

BKK’s Slim Ring Technology further allows for an easier attachment of split rings.

Awarded in 2020, it is one of the most used and popular treble hooks for a wide range of applications.

Technical drawing of Raptor-Z


The BKK GT-REX was developed aiming at tackling massive Giant Trevally and Tuna.

The Hand Ground hook point of the GT-REX coupled with BKK’s signature Ultra-Antirust Coating ensure sustained sharpness and penetration performance.

All the details of GT-REX from the hook eye to the hook points have been engineered to create the best-performing treble hook for your salt water popping.

Bestowed the Good Design Award 2019.

Technical drawing of GT-Rex

Lone Diablo

The BKK Lone Diablo features BKK signature technologies, resulting in one of the most popular HD lure single hooks to equip big poppers and stickbaits when chasing GT and other tropical species or smaller lures for other tough fish. The peculiar, perfectly round design of the Lone Diablo assures an even distribution of the load during the fight. The Hand Ground point not only provides an excellent penetration performance but helps in keeping the hook sharp over time while the Ultra Anti-Rust coating provides extended protection against corrosion.

First ever hook to be bestowed the Good Design Award in 2017.

Technical drawing of Lone Diablo