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Warning: this film contains some of the best pike footage ever recorded, anglers may find it disturbingly addictive. Make sure you watch until the end.

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Nestled on the bank of one or Ireland’s largest lakes – or lough – and surrounded by verdant hills and small villages, BlackBay Lodge has built a reputation over the years as one of Europe’s most popular destinations within the pike angling community.

Together with Nicola – owner and manager of the lodge – we thought we would put together something to celebrate Ireland’s pike fishing, to show what’s behind the success of the lodge and why anglers keep coming back year after year.

This is the story of a relentless passion for pike fishing, set in one of the most suggestive locations in the world and dedicated to all the avid fishermen spending their time on the water chasing esox.

We would like to thank Giovanni and Gabriele for the incredible camera work and editing skills they provided during the realisation of this film. We also thank Nicola and all the staff at BlackBay without whom this would have never been possible.