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In the mid-1970s, scientists started to see that the breeding population of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna was declining yearly. In 2007, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) established a recovery plan for the species had excellent results.

The recovery of the species has been a management success, but also a year with high temperatures during the species' spawning season in its main breeding grounds, which led to a spectacular recovery of the stock, which nobody expected in such a short time.

Giant Bluefin Tuna on the lure is a dream catch for many sport fishermen. And through the lens and the storytelling of Robert Pljuscec and Nicola Vitali, we all got to share the glory of achieving this dream.


Special thanks to Etienne Von Streng, Johan Persson Friberg, Gaetan Pinedo, Martin Claeyssens, Pesca Radical, and many more for making this possible.