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Approximately a hundred km north-east of Venice - Italy - close to the Slovenian border, the Marano lagoon stretches between the mouth of two rivers of relevant historical significance named Tagliamento and Isonzo, located at the Northernmost edge of the Adriatic Sea.

A unique ecosystem rich in biodiversity both in terms of marine life and wild life on land, this Lagoon was chosen by Alessandro Galletti - an experienced and well-traveled angler from the region - as the ideal environment to start his long-desired guiding project named Otregan.

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Even though bluefish and other species can be found out in open water, there is no doubt that Seabass is king in the lagoon, and targeting it in such a diverse place makes it so rewarding but also challenging; on fly or lure, topwater flicking poppers, WTD or soft baits, long jerk baits out in the sea over weed beds... you name it.

Yet the Otregan experience is so much more than just fishing.
It's also about the stunning wild life that awakens as you hit the water early in the morning - like wild horses and migrant birds. It's about gliding through the shallows on a kayak looking for tails on the surface as the sun rises. It's about the food and wine experience that Alessandro guides you through as part of the local welcome.

It's about the understated elegance and beauty of a quiet piece of Italy often going undetected off the main tours.

A big thank you to Alessandro for sharing this with the team and to Nomad by Fate for the awesome visuals.