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The pandemic has hit us pretty hard in terms of fishing, curbing international flights and generally the chance to move freely outside the country. Gone are the times where we would travel to some of the world’s best fishing grounds, memories we go back to sometimes leafing through old pictures.

After several months passed by without fishing though, we felt we really needed to re-connect to the water and wet our lines again, even if for a few days and in a pretty ordinary location.

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The development of the new Silent Chaser – Micro Jighead series called for some SW rock fishing after small prey with tiny soft lures. After some research within the local angling community, we found a spot close to Shenzhen – a small and pretty quiet fishing village – where to spend some time in tranquillity to release some steam from work and to flick some small soft plastics at bottom-dwelling species.

It was not a challenging fishing experience you might easily guess, however among the little prey that went for our lures we did have our fair share of pleasant distractions. A school of needlefish cut our lines several times before we could solidly hook a couple and few hours later our encounter with a school of ladyfish really spiced up the day. Battling with these fish on ultra light gear (o.7 – 7gr rod, 10lb line) provided a good occasion to let the drags on our reels stretch their muscles after being inactive for so long. Besides, catching few of these fairly big fish on our new micro jigheads was quite rewarding.

Light Tackle Fun in Shenzhen Journal

Light Tackle Fun in Shenzhen Journal

Light Tackle Fun in Shenzhen Journal