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The BKK Deep jigging hook is designed to tackle massive deep-water fish species using fast jigging approaches. BKK has adopted its best hook point processing Hand Ground technology that reduces the hook-set resistance by 25%, combined with the small barb design that further decreases the hook-set resistance, ensuring solid hook ups.

Besides, the micro ring technology prevents split ring from wearing out and makes attachment much easier.

Last but not least, the Bright Tin coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and at the same time preserves the hook’s sharpness over time.

The combination of BKK’s strongest carbon steel (BKK-81WV) and a heavy gauge design not only provides high strength but also performs very well in terms of elasticity and resilience.

Usage Scenarios

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Size Chart

Size 8/0 9/0 10/0 11/0 12/0 13/0
Quantity 5 4 3 3 2 2
Strength (kg) 74.8 86.1 120.2 135.1 145.1 150.1

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