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Titan Diver+

The BKK Titan Diver+ is the ultimate evolution of the Titan series. Potentially a breakthrough in the worm hook segments, the Diver+ inherits all the features of an ordinary Titan hook – Super Slide coating, needle point, spring and silicon stopper - enhanced with a simple, intuitive and effective lead-swapping system.

The system offers many different combinations to add weight to your lure as the lead can slide on the shank, stimulating the creativity of anglers in adapting it to various fishing techniques and conditions. The bottom eyelet on the weight allows for the addition of a blade to enhance the presentation of the lure.

The hook comes equipped with different leads in the package, please refer to the table below.

Patent pending. Application n. #202021861002.7

Usage Scenarios

See It In Action



Size Chart

Size 6/0 8/0 10/0 12/0 14/0 16/0 18/0
Quantity 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Lead Weight 8g/12g 8g/12g 12g/18g 12g/18g 18g/24g 24g/32g 32g/42g

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